Trouble Terriers E-Wurf

Vater Großeltern Urgroßeltern
Brillwood Be a Man
GCH. Panther Creek Be Proud
CH. Brillwood Tanto Tempo ROM
Panther Creek Desert Eagle

CH Brillwood Starlet at Notalone

CH. Eastlake Star ROMX
CH. Fox Valley at Sundaywoods BG ROM
Mutter Großeltern Urgroßeltern
Trouble Terriers Sarafina
CH Brillwood Dress Blues Snow Winds Black Tie Affair ROMX
CH. Rymshott Cool Runnings (imp) ROMX
Goldeneye of Lovealoch
Cody of Lovealoch 
L.O.S.H. 0926745
Zochic of Lovealoch
A.L.S.H 0058924